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Visualize the rotator cuff insertion into the greater tuberosity. The biceps tendon is palpated anteriorly. The rotator cuff supraspinatus tendon is i...

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Dynamization slot Yes Distal screw hole dimensions 5.3mm AP bow Hybrid Bow Proximal 1.5 meters Distal 2.5 meters Location of distal bend 100mm Dynamization slot location Distal Proper Screw Measurement All TRIGEN locking screw measuring devices measu

Expert Nailing System Expert Humeral Nailing System. Expert Humeral Nail and Expert Proximal Humeral Nail. Surgical Technique This publication is not intended for

6 Surgical Technique Preoperative note: If replacing the patella, use a GENESIS™ II biconvex or round resurfacing implant. Do not use the JOURNEY™ BCS Total Knee Patellar Component.

Surgical Technique ... a later step, the aim being circumferential arthrolysis. Surgical Technique . 6 Resection of the humeral head

Surgical technique summary 2 Introduction and indications 4 Prologue 5 Intramedullary femoral alignment 8 Distal femoral resection 9 ... The suprapatellar pouch is identified, separated from the underside of the tendon and preserved. The distal exten

Clinical guidelines. ... • Bone fragments or sharp edges could puncture protective barriers, vessels, or organs ... • Necrotic tissue with eschar/ dry wounds: If a dry, necrotic eschar is covering the wound, or if there is a large amount of necrotic

Dynamization Slot Yes Distal Screw Hole Dimensions 5.3mm AP Bow Proximal - 1.5 meters Distal - 2.5 meters Location of Distal Bend 100mm ... * This surgical technique is written from the Trochanteric Antegrade Nail (TAN) perspective. The Femoral Anteg

Surgical Technique. 15 Trial Reduction Reduce the hip and evaluate in the following ways: Soft tissue tension Some shuck is normal when applying a

TRIGEN™ INTERTAN™ nail (long) TRIGEN INTERTAN nail (short) 16.25mm 10, 11.5, 13mm 15.25mm 1.5m or 2.0m AP Bow 15mm 20mm 11mm 32mm Minor diameter tapers from 11-5.6mm Subtrochanteric Lag Screw 70-125mm 40mm 28.3mm 4° 5mm 40mm/18cm 60mm/20cm 16.25mm 15

Surgical Technique Approach to the glenohumeral joint A standardized deltopectoral approach is recommended. An anterolateral McKenzie technique can be used as an alternative. Both approaches call for anatomically accurate and stable reinsertion of th