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3 The discovery of man-made synthetic dyes in the mid-19th century triggered the end of the large-scale market for natural dyes. Synthetic dyes, which...

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interface is stabilized by a layer of amphiphilic structure, often made of surfactants, particles (Pickering emulsion), or more complex

4 Other chelating agents have been discovered. They all function by making several chemical bonds with metal ions, thus rendering them much less chemically reactive.

exhibited p-p* electronic transitionwith intense and broader Soret band in 410e440 nm region and Q transitions in 500e660 nm visible region. 6 exhibited remarkable red shift in absorption spectra (436 nm) while 1 showed lowest absorption wavelength o

In Organic Salts Solubility Table A Substance Formula 0 °C 20 °C 40 °C 60 °C 80 °C 100 °C Actinium (III) hydroxide ... Ammonium vanadate NH4VO3 ... Calcium chloride CaCl2 59.5 74.5 128 137 147 159 Calcium chromate CaCrO4 4.5 2.25 1.49 0.83

We are excited to participate in this national exhibition, and we want to invite you to visit our booth and learn how Organic Dyes and Pigments can provide the Colorant and Chemical solutions to your technical textile needs.

Description. 1419 is a bright, blue shade quinacridone with a similar shade to that of thioindigo red with excellent overall properties. FDA approved (Section 178.3297).

Description. 1233 is a high performance pigment that is a bluish violet color with high tint strength. 1233 also exhibits excellent fastness to light and weathering in most applications, affected only slightly in reductions with titanium dioxide.

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SHELTIE COLORS . Shelties come in several colors and patterns. The two primary Sheltie colors are sable and black. All other colors in the breed are determined by other genes acting upon these primary colors.