Lecture 3: SVM dual, kernels and regression

Sketch derivation of dual form The Representer Theorem states that the solution w can always be written as a linear combination of the training data: ...

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°c (Claudia Czado, TU Munich) ZFS/IMS G˜ottingen 2004 { 8 {Nonparametric Approach - Klein and Spady (1993) - Bayesian approach: need a prior for the class of cdf’s, i.e. a stochastic process such as the Dirichlet process.

SVM is mostly commonly used for binary classifications. But one branch of SVM, SVM regression or SVR, is able to fit a continuous function to data.

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This is an introduction to support vector regression in R. It demonstrate how to train and tune a support vector regression model.

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Correlation and Regression Variance VAR = where: = value = sample mean = sample size Standard deviation SD = where: = value = sample ... good is it at predicting y ...

Lecture 2: Nonlinear regression Dodo Das. Review of lecture 1 Likelihood of a model. Likelihood maximization + Normal errors = Least squares ... in MATLAB. Demo 1: Simple linear regression in MATLAB. Demo II: Polynomial regression in MATLAB. Demo II: