On the Pricing of Contingent Claims under Constraints

On the Pricing of Contingent Claims under Constraints ⁄ I. KARATZAS y Departments of Mathematics and Statistics Columbia University New York, NY 10027...

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Introduction No arbitrage principles play a central role in models of finance and economics. The assumption of no arbitrage essentially states that there is “no free lunch” in a market.

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stantive one, and does not follow trivially from what we mean when we say ‘necessary’ or ‘a priori.’ From the fact that these two categories are conceptually distinct, it does not follow that they are extensionally distinct; it does not follow, that

We consider two types of constraints: Non-negative equity premia and bounds on the conditional Sharpe ratio, the latter of which incorporates time-varying volatility in the predictive regression framework. Empirically, we nd that economic

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•Simulate evolution with human-friendly rules (Sudoku) •Test evolutionary hypotheses using this model 5. 6 Model Sudoku 9 x 9 grid Alphabet = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 9 columns 9 squares 9 rows Constraints: 27 total. 7 Model Sudoku. 8 Model Sequence Optimiz