extra quick-clays (Rosenqvist, 1953). They have a low salt concentration compared to the samples from Hi- gashi-shiroishi and Ariake-kantaku, suggesti...

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clay minerals (1989) 24, 181-196 illite/smectite diagenesis in devonian lacustrine mudrocks from northern scotland and its relationship to

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For each solvent and a given cation, the basal spacing remains almost constant regardless of the degree of dehydration before treatment, which indicates that the added sol- vent determines the interlayer spacing. Exchange cation positions Even though

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Spatial Interaction of Crime Incidents in Japan1 1Kazuhiko Kakamu, 2Wolfgang Polasek and 3Hajime Wago 1Department of Economics & Finance, Institute for Advanced Studies, Stumpergasse 56, 1060, Wien, Austria,

Regulatory Systems of Health Claims in Japan Nobuyoshi SHIOZAWA ... – “Unlike FOSHU, this product has not received an individual examination from Secretary-